Twilight Render LLC will refund the purchase of any license for Twilight Render plugin for Trimble SketchUp under the following conditions:

  • Unactivated licenses will be refunded upon request without question within 60 days of purchase.  After 60 days, refunds will be given where allowable by the transaction platform used.
  • Activated licenses purchased less than 60 days prior will be refunded upon request as long as a suitable and acceptable explanation is given for why a refund is desired.
  • Activated licenses purchased more than 60 days prior will not be refunded except under special circumstances.

Refunds may take 3-5 business days to be processed.

In the event of a disputed charge from a credit card issuer or processor, Twilight Render LLC will refund any unactivated license immediately.  However, any disputation of a charge for an activated license will be contested.  Twilight Render LLC will cooperate fully with credit card issuers and processors to fight credit card fraud.

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