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Twilight Render V2.0!

Redesigned from the ground up, faster, friendlier, and more feature-full than ever! We've kept all the features from Version 1 and added new ways to render, new materials, and new tools.  We cleaned up the interface to fit in better with SketchUp's lean design, with some new ideas of our own to place power at your fingertips while keeping the work area clean.

Not only will we be releasing our best product to date, we will be announcing a schedule of regular updates with even more features in each update.  We hope to continue to provide SketchUp with a quality product and an ever-increasing toolset.  Purchasing a license for Version 2 will entitle you to free upgrades to all the new Version 2 features in each release.

 So what do we have in store for you?


  • With the most up-to-date Kerkythea rendering back-end, your renders will complete up to 50% faster.
  • Rebuilt from the ground up, model processing is lightning fast.
  • Post processing can be performed with hardware acceleration (for supporting hardware) bringing advanced post processing effects almost instantaneously.


  • A redesigned interface that takes up less space.
  • Editors have been separated by task to let you focus on the job at hand, Render, Animation, Batch Processing, and more.
  • Popup controls give you single click access to all tool features, then disappear to leave the workspace clean.

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Our new Exploration Renderer automatically updates your render viewpoint to match your SketchUp camera.  Changes to your materials, lighting, or environment are automatically updated in realtime.  Explore your scene to find the perfect shot.


The light, material, and environment editors are all equipped with previews to show you your changes in a variety of scenes.

  We are bringing you powerful new Post-Processing tools so you can accomplish more inside SketchUp and have greater control over your final product.  Our post-production operations are performed directly on the high-dynamic range data so you get better results and more detail than from an external image editing program.

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  • Standard and Linear Tone-mapping you love from version 1.x
  • Light Bloom
    • Bring dramatic realism or artistic brilliance to your scenes
    • Recreate the lens effects of real world cameras
    • Draw focus to your subject with one of the most popular effects in the 3D industry
  • Temperature Adjust
    • Balance the color of your image by temperature like tungsten, incandescenet, daylight
    • Bring warmth to your exteriors and make your interiors more appealing
  • Vignette
    • Use artistic effect to draw focus to the center of your scene

New Material Templates like Perfect Reflection, Translucent, and Car Paint will bring you more flexibility and realism with the same ease of use that all the Twilight Render templates provide.  The new Material Template editor makes applying and adjusting materials even easier. 


Going one step further, we are introducing the Deep Material Editor.  Giving you complete control and unprecedented flexibility over your materials, the Deep Material Editor integrates seamlessly into the Twilight Render material system.  Beyond the built-in templates, you can now import all your Kerkythea library materials and edit them directly inside SketchUp!  With a whole new set of Procedural Textures, what you can create is limitless!

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And we're not done yet! Twilight Render Version 2.0 will support Section Plane rendering! Capture multiple sections, inside and outside of components, to show the hidden details of your scene!

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Twilight Render Version 2.0 will also support proxies, both in-scene and external model proxies.  Build a forest, equip your design with high-detail light fixtures, or make an entire city scape with thousands of entities, all without reducing SketchUp's performance.  Each proxy can be individually rotated and scaled.  You can even apply a different default material to each one for better variety!  Hit render, and all your proxies are converted to their high-detail counterpart. proxy

 We are bringing you animated GIFs!  Any part of the render process that involves a file texture, whether it's a material, a projector light, or the Sky / Background, you can choose to use an animated GIF or numbered image sequence.  When rendering an animation, each frame of the animated GIF will be used in sequence in time with your animated render.


And there's a lot more to come!  Over the next year we will be releasing regular updates with new material templates, new procedural textures, section cut rendering improvements, new post-production features, new geometry tools, and more!!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

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