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Announcing the release of Twilight Render V2.4

 We are announcing a new release for Twilight Render V2!  We've added some fantastic new features as well as improving some of our standard functions.


  • Fixed crashing bug when adding a light using 3 non-unique points
  • Fixed crashing bug when trying to make light target itself
  • Fixed bug when recognizing SketchUp version for 2015
  • Changed how batch renders are positioned on OSX
  • Various small fixes to control behavior


  • All preview settings, including scene selection, moved to the preview display
  • Removed tone-mapping for preview displays
  • Aligned various window toolbars
  • Updated Batch Renderer to included New-from-Previous and New-from-Current render settings


  • Added Maximum Iterations to all the render windows to limit the number of passes to use for Unbiased renders*
  • Added maximum iterations to preview display windows to support unbiased preview scenes*
  • Converted Render History over to saving High-Dynamic Range image data*
  • Added Post-Processing support for Render History images
  • Added material name Auto Complete to the Template and Deep Material editors (Windows only)*
  • Added customizabled Watermark feature for image branding in renders, animation, and batch renders*
  • Added Per-Node Preview to Deep Material Editor to view the affects of each node separately or combined
  • New Edge, Texture, and Face Tools!  Check out our tutorial page for the new tools here*
    • Connect, Bevel, Hard, and Soft Edges
    • Select Loop, Ring
    • Spherical, Cylindrical, and Camera Projection Texture Mapping
    • Subdivide, Triangulate, and Greeble

You can read more about the new release on our forum here.

*New feature is for Twilight Render Professional licensed users only.

Update to the latest version now!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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