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Twilight Render V2.5!

Announcing the release of the latest new version of Twilight Render, V 2.5.  With this new release we are bringing in some exciting new features to make your workflow faster and your renders sparkle!

New Material Templates


First up, we are introducing a whole batch of new Material Templates. Here's an example of what you can expect to see:

    • Realistic Water
    • — With absorption and scatter, get real water effects for ocean, swimming pool, lakes, even orange juice!
    • Velvet
    • — Adding 'sheen' with configurable color and pattern to produce a variety of cloth effects.
    • Textiles
    • Lamp Glass
    • — Equip your glass with a gloss or matte translucent shade.
    • Advanced Reflection
    • Mapped Reflection
    • — Create variable reflections to achieve the perfect wet look, or reproduce detailed wood grained products
    • Flooring
    • — Create wood planks or tile squares with a single click.  With our latest set of procedural plugins, Twilight Render automatically creates floors where every plank, every tile is a unique pattern!  Give it a beveled edge and even random offsets to create the most authentic flooring ever!  All just by applying the flooring template in the Material Editor.


Next in our lineup is Auto-Templates!  Auto-Templates is a whole library of material settings that Twilight Render automatically applies to your renders whenever you use one of SketchUp's built-in materials.  No editing necessary!  Just apply from one of SketchUp's many material libraries such as Asphault & Concrete, Metal, or Tile, and Twilight Render will automatically set up those materials with the right template.  And not just that, but Twilight Render will automatically apply a custom, purpose-made bump map to match!  Imagine the time you'll save with this grab-and-go option!


New Procedural Patterns


In addition to the new templates, we are adding 11 new procedural patterns to add organic designs to your models.  From raindrops on water, to treebark or old bar glass, from satin cloth to smoke or sand, these patterns can bring a great deal of variety to your SketchUp renders.

Like all Twilight Render procedurals, these patterns are completely seamless, non-repeating, and require no UV mapping.  It's easy to add realistic detail to any material using procedurals in color and bump mapping.



SketchUp Overlays 
Last up are SketchUp Overlays. With Twilight Render V2.5, you will be able to automatically and artistically combine your SketchUp viewport and your render in a whole variety of ways. We've incorporated all the operations you would expect, like Screen, Overlay, and Burn, so you can present your work in exactly the right way. And it works in animations too!


Make sure to read the complete release notes on our forum at:

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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