Render-to-Texture Available Now!

With the release of Twilight Render V2.7, we started a new set of features we are calling AddOns.  These AddOns allow you to customize your Twilight Render environment with new, powerful tools.  The first tool, available now, is called Render-to-Texture, and it's guaranteed to knock your socks off!

How easy is it to bake textures in SketchUp? Check this out:



The Render-to-Texture AddOn for Twilight Render V2


Twilight Render has been bringing high quality rendering to SketchUp for years.  With the ability to render stills, animations, and batch renders, users have been producing fantastic content from their SketchUp models.  Since SketchUp 7, all those years ago, we've been adding new features to make rendered presentations more realistic, more artistic, and easier to create.


Now we are pushing SketchUp rendering one step further, and embedding rendered images directly into the model itself, displaying your beutiful renders as textures applied to the model geometry itself!  The new Render-to-Texture tool uses the same renderer, the same materials, and the same lighting to produce great photo-realistic results and then turns around and puts that render directly onto the model.


When you see the difference of having rendered lighting, realistic soft shadows, and even caustic effects inside your model as you move around inside it, as you show an animated walk through to a client, we know you are going to love it.  Take a look at the images below.  Not one of them is a rendered still image!  Every image is a snapshot taken directly out of SketchUp.  This is just a peek at what your models can look like, what a difference Render-to-Texture can make.



Click on the thumbs above to see the full size image.


Here you can see the difference in Before and After!



So how does it work?  Surprisingly simple!  When your SketchUp scene is ready, you'll select a set of faces.  Open the Render-to-Texture window and choose your render preset and texture-sheet image size.  Then hit the render button and sit back!  After the Render-to-Texture operation, the faces you selected will all share a common material, an "atlas" or texture-sheet of all the rendered images for those faces.  All the lighting, shadows, and caustics that you would see in a still image render will be captured into the material texture.  And it even works on curved surfaces!


We've done all the heavy lifting for you, so you can take your hard work and make it really stand out!


Want to check out some of the example scenes from the above images?  Download them here: Showroom, Casa, and Glow.


Available Now!!


Visit our webstore to purchase your license for Render-to-Texture.



How AddOns Work


AddOns is a new feature for Twilight Render, starting with V2.7, that allows you to purchase specialized tools from the Twilight Render webstore and activate them in your copy of Twilight Render Pro.  Rather than package these new high-end tools directly with Twilight Render Pro at a higher cost, we allow users to choose what tools are useful for them.


Each AddOn is licensed in the same way that Twilight Render Pro is, so users will be comfortable with the experience.  And it uses the same license terms as Twilight Render Pro, so you can activate your purchased AddOn on each of your personally licensed installations of Twilight Render Pro.


A license for Twilight Render V2 Pro is required to activate an AddOn.  AddOns are not available for Twilight Render Hobby or any unactivated installation of V2 Pro.  Some AddOns may require upgrading to a certain version of Twilight Render V2 (which is always free!).


Friday, December 01, 2023

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