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Twilight Render V2.11!

Announcing the release of Twilight Render V 2.11.  This is a major update for the entire user interface (UI) to make it compatible with high-DPI monitors and screens, as well as to improve the UI layout on OSX and when using language translations.

High-DPI compatible UI


Beginning with SketchUp 2016, and improved in SU 2017, SketchUp has provided compatibility with high-DPI screens.  These are screens that have a DPI greater than 96 (or 72 on OSX) and can go up as far as 200 DPI.  While SketchUp has been more or less compatible with high-DPI screens, Twilight Render's UI has not been.  We have addressed this issue with all new layouts within the user interface.  But don't worry, chances are you won't even notice the change!  None of the UI elements have been moved, we've just improved how text is sized and positioned.

That said, there is a lot of flexibility with different screens and operating systems, so if you encounter poor behavior in the UI, especially on a high-DPI screen, please let us know on our user forum here!



You can find the latest installers here.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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