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Twilight Render V2.13!

Announcing the release of Twilight Render V 2.13.  This update brings multiple fixes and improvements, especially for MacOS and for use with the latest update of SketchUp 2019.2.

Windows Update to Microsoft Visual C++ 2017


We've updated Twilight Render to utilize MSVC 2017 on Windows computers.  Note that when installing Twilight Render, you may be asked to install the 2017 MSVC 2017 tools (included in the Twilight Render installer).


MacOS Updates and Fixes


We've include several updates for problems on MacOS / OSX.  Fixes include:

  • A crash when closing or navigating away from the Material Editor
  • Problems with Batch Renders not correctly updating the view
  • Popup window behavior
  • C API Interface issues (see below)


Additional Updates and Fixes


With the release of SketchUp 2019.2, plugins relying on the legacy SketchUp COM API have been forced to update to the newer C API.  Twilight Render has utilized this API since the release of SketchUp 2017.  However, the use of the newer API has always been buggy especially on MacOS / OSX.  This release interfaces with SketchUp in a totally different, and much more functional, way that fixes many of those previous problems.


Additionally, this release provides improvements to the Floor Template to make it more flexible and better suited for vertical surfaces as well as floors.  You will also note some UI changes.  Certain popup/popdown boxes in the editors now open as a separate window to better present the editing controls.


Finally, we've fixed some issues with the Fast Forward Denoiser when multiple editors are open and added the ability to turn Denoising on and off in the Image History editor.

Important Update Note:

A late update has been released, V2.13.8, that fixes a problem introduced previously with V2.13.7 when using Twilight Render with SketchUp 2019.  The latest available download fixes this issue and should be downloaded and installed by all SketchUp 2019 users.


You can find the latest installers here.


Saturday, January 18, 2020

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