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Twilight Render V2 provides a new, more flexible licensing policy to its users. The complete set of license terms can be found here:

Essentially, in plain English, this means that for every license you buy, you, the user, can install and use Twilight Render V2 on as many devices as you want, provided it is only used on one computer at a time and is used by only one person. This is not a license to activate Twilight Render for multiple users; each license can only be used by a single person, no matter how many activations have been made.*

Need to purchase a license?  Visit our webstore here.


On this page we will walk you through how to activate your Twilight Render product.  We want to make sure that users understand how to complete their product activations for both Twilight Render Pro and Twilight Render AddOns.  Please carefully read through the instructions below.  If you still have questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There are two different kinds of License Activations in Twilight Render.  Please refer to the sections below for instructions on activating Twilight Render Professional and for activating Twilight Render Pro AddOns.


Twilight Render Professional

Licenses for Twilight Render Pro can be purchased from the Twilight Render website. From the main website page, click the 'Buy' button in the upper right corner. Or you can just visit this link here.

After completing the purchase (it's just a standard online shopping cart with payments handled by PayPal or Braintree (which securely processes credit card payments)), you will receive an email with a unique code, called your Product Code or Product ID. This unique code, your Product Code, identifies your purchase of a license, so it is important that you keep a record of it in a safe place!  You can't activate licenses without it.

If you haven't already done so, you will need to install the latest version of Twilight Render V2. The installers for the most recent version can always be found hereIf you have installed Twilight Render Hobby, you will need to download and install Twilight Render Pro.

warning It is also important that, during checkout, you use a reliable email address, and double check it to make sure it is correct. You may find that your email has ended up in a spam or junk folder, so please be sure to check those if you haven't received your Product information within an hour of purchase. In some cases, email providers like Comcast and AT&T will completely reject automated emails (despite our best effort to validate them). In those cases, you will need to contact us with a new email address on a different provider.


Once you've installed Twilight Render V2 Pro, launch SketchUp.
  1. Click on the Extensions menu in SketchUp's main menubar. If you are using an older version, click on the Plugins menu.
  2. Find the Twilight Render V2 menu item and click on it.
  3. Then find and click on the Options menu item.


When the Options screen opens, you must click on the 'License' label on the left side (or along the top on macOS / OSX). This will display the License page.



There are two important parts to this page.
The first is the link labeled 'Click here to activate Twilight Render!' As instructed, you should click that link to activate Twilight Render. Note that there is another link above that, the license terms link. If you do not know Twilight Render's license terms, you should also visit this link to be sure you understand our license terms. For the purposes of activation though, you will need to click the link circled in red.

Clicking the link will open a webbrowser (whatever your default webbrowser is, Chrome, Firefox, IE, whatever), and it will take you to the activation page on our website.



As you can see, it will ask you for your Product Code. Remember, this is the unique code you received in an email after completing your purchase of a Twilight Render Pro license. You will also notice there is another code listed, called the Computer ID. The Computer ID uniquely identifies the computer you are using right at that moment. When you activate Twilight Render, the activation will be specific to this Computer ID. It will not work on any other computer. It is important that you use the link in the Options window, otherwise you will not have the correct Computer ID!

After entering your Product Code, click the Activate button. If everything is correct, you will be notified that an email is being sent to the email address associated with your license purchase. If there is an error (particularly your Product Code is wrong), you will be notified.

Within an hour of successfully clicking the Activate button, you should receive another email. This email will have your Activation Code. The Activation Code is a unique number that is tied to your Computer ID. It can only be used to activate Twilight Render on the computer with the matching Computer ID (which is why it's important to have the correct Computer ID).

Once you receive the email, return to SketchUp and the Twilight Render Options window. You will see a textbox with the label 'Activation Code:' (circled in red in the image above). Predictably, this is where you will paste the Activation Code you received in the Activation email. After entering or pasting in the code, click the Activate button. If successful, you will be notified of the success; you should restart SketchUp immediately.

However, if you receive an error this almost always means the Activation Code you are using is invalid. Either the Activation Code was entered in wrong or the Activation Code was created using a different or incorrect Computer ID. In either case, verify that you correctly entered the Activation Code first, and then if necessary, repeat the steps above to create a new Activation Code making sure to use the correct Computer ID (which you can easily do by making sure to click the activation link on the License page (circled in red above)).


Twilight Render AddOns

The process for activating AddOns is almost exactly the same as activating Twilight Render Pro. The biggest difference is that, after launching SketchUp and opening the Twilight Render V2 Options window, you must click on the AddOns label on the left side (or along the top on macOS/OSX).



Just like with Pro activation, there is a link telling you to 'Click here to activate Twilight Render AddOns!' After clicking that link, your webbrowser will open and direct you to the activation page on the Twilight Render website. It will look almost exactly the same as the Pro activation page, except it will have 'Twilight Render AddOn Activation' across the top.

Just as in Pro activation, you must enter in your Product Code. This must be an AddOn Product Code, not a Twilight Render Pro Product Code. AddOns must be purchased separately and are not included with Twilight Render Pro. A separate AddOn Product Code is provided for each AddOn purchased.

Just as in Pro activation, after activating, an Activation code will be emailed to you. Enter that code into the Activation Code textbox (circled in red above) and click activate. This will activate one of the available AddOns in the list, depending on what AddOn you have purchased (and therefore depending on what AddOn Product Code was used during Activation on the website). Each AddOn will have it's own, separate Activation Code.

The AddOn process is very similar to the Twilight Render Pro activation process. Just make sure to click on the right page (either 'License' or 'AddOn') depending on what kind of activation your are doing.


If you encounter any problems with your product activation, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*Organizations that wish to activate Twilight Render on a single computer for use by multiple individuals (a 'rendering station') may do so under the terms of the previous Twilight Render V1 license in which one, and only one, computer may be activated per purchase.

**Please note, Twilight Render V2 is not a free upgrade to V1.  To activate V2 Professional, a license for V2 must be purchased from our online store.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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