Announcing Twilight Render v2.4.6

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Twilight Render V2.4.6

 We are announcing a maintenance release for Twilight Render V2.4!  We've added some bug fixes as well as improving some of our standard functions.  It's also compatible with SketchUp 2016!


  • Fixed the library import for several old legacy material libraries
  • Fixed the 'Map to SketchUp' feature of the Deep Material Editor to apply textures to the SketchUp model
  • Fixed bug with certain IES (photometric) light files
  • Fixed material conversion from 1.x to 2.x for certain old SketchUp files
  • Fixed bug with the View Tool
  • Fixed animation render bug with light caching


  • Improved file selection, esp. with IES lights
  • Removed Flatten-Geometry feature
  • Improved display of add-on features like SketchyPhysics


  • Added support for Skatter*

To get a great lawn instantly using Skatter with Twilight Render:

  1. choose Skatter >Library from the Extensions Menu

  2. double click on the type of lawn you wish to have

  3. be sure that "Full Geometry" and "render only" are marked (this will not load the full geometry of the grass into your scene. The name "full geometry" is misleading, it will show in your scene only a proxy as long as "render only" is chosen for visibility of the grass components.)

  4. click any group where you would like the grass to grow

  5. Render with Twilight. It is recommended that you render using Easy 08-11 render settings, as these unbiased methods will handle the massive amount of geometry much better than the Easy01-07.

  6. When you open a scene that you have applied Skatter groups to in the past, you must open the Skatter dialog to 'turn Skatter on.'
    After opening the Skatter dialog Twilight will recognize that Skatter is installed, and look for the Skatter components.

Skatter half

You can read more about the new release on our forum here.

*New feature is for Twilight Render Professional licensed users only.  Skatter is a third party plugin developed with no association to Twilight Render.  Twilight Render provides render support only.

Update to the latest version now!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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