Using Twilight Render on 32 bit (x86) installs

Using Twilight Render on 32 bit (x86) installs

Beginning with Twilight Render V2.12, support was dropped for 32bit (x86) installations of SketchUp.  Since SketchUp stopped releasing 32bit versions several years prior, as far back as SketchUp 2015, it seemed a reasonable step to proceed with 64bit (x64) installations of Twilight Render beginning in 2019.

Why drop 32 bit installations?

The major motivation for ending 32bit releases of Twilight Render is that certain software components built into Twilight Render are not available in 32bit, or are difficult to distribute and support.  If Twilight Render were to continue releasing 32bit versions, it would limit what could be accomplished in future versions.

Additionally, ending 32bit support simplifies the software configuration management.  Because new versions of SketchUp often are released with new versions of Ruby, the configuration management for plugins is already extensive.  Ending support for all SketchUp versions prior to SketchUp 2015 (x64) allows reduction of variations by half.  This makes it easier and faster to produce future releases.

Support for users of 32bit SketchUp?

If you are still using a 32 bit version of SketchUp, including some releases of SketchUp 2015 and all releases before that (SU2014 and earlier), you can still install the final 32 bit release of Twilight Render which is V2.11.  This release continues to provide access to the Render-to-Texture AddOn and the Terrain Tools AddOn.  You can download this release here.

Twilight Render V2, Professional, x86 for Windows
Twilight Render V2, Hobby, x86 for Windows
Twilight Render V2, Professional, x86 for OSX
Twilight Render V2, Hobby, x86 for OSX

Friday, July 19, 2024

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