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Twilight Render 2.14.5

Post by Chris » Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:36 pm

We've uploaded a new release, 2.14.5.

This release fixes several issues with importers, including texture problems on macOS and external proxy problems with SketchUp 2015 - 2018. It also fixes a bug with the Material Editor's procedural edit window.

In addition to the above fixes, we also added some great new features!
  • Import by Proxy - This is an addition to the Import Options when importing an external model. This will create a point-cloud representation of your model and use it as a proxy for the full model. This method loads much faster than a full import but provides you with a better sense of position and scale than an external proxy.
  • Custom Templates - In the TWR Material Editor, under Templates, you can now save the current material configuration as a "Custom Template" to be able to reuse it later.
  • Sky Projection - (With huge thanks to Tim Rawlinson for his initial work on the projection math!!) This material template allows you to make your landscape or ground plane a "projection" of your spherical sky. By setting your Environment to use a spherical sky and matching the same settings for the material, your ground plane will blend in to your background while still capturing shadows and caustics!

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