Announcing Twilight Render V2.6 (Animation Tools)

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Announcing Twilight Render V2.6 (Animation Tools)

Post by Chris » Wed Aug 24, 2016 3:44 am

We are announcing a small update release, V2.6. We have added some great new tools for animations, as well as some important bug fixes and improvements.

The two big animation tools we have added:
  • Animated GIF - This tool allows you to take a sequence of rendered images (just like you get from the Twilight Render Animation Editor :D ) and converts it into an animated GIF. It's very simple to use too! After rendering your animation, choose Animated GIF from the Tools menu (in the Animation Editor). You will be asked to select one of the images from your rendered sequence. From there, Twilight Render will automatically create an animated GIF and save it to the same folder, using the same filename.
    It should be noted that the animated GIF's frames-per-second (FPS) is pulled from the setting in your Animation Editor.
  • FFMpeg - FFMpeg is a third party tool (and must be downloaded separately; more on that below) that converts a sequence of rendered images to a movie, such as mp4, avi or flash. Just like the Animated GIF, it's very easy to use. After rendering your animation, choose FFMpeg from the Tools menu. There are some options to set, including the path to the FFMpeg program, after which you choose one of the images from your sequence. Twilight Render will use FFMpeg to create you movie and save it into the same folder.
Note that these are Twilight Render Pro features.

In addition to these tools, there are some bug fixes for potential crash issues. We've also fixed some potential OSX license problems. It is recommended that all users update to the latest version.

Now, a little word about FFMpeg. You can find it here: though the actual installers are hosted separately. You can find them on the website under 'Downloads'. For convenience we list them here: Windows or OSX. They should work right out of the box. If you need support with the installation, we can provide a little bit of help but most likely you should consult the FFMpeg web page and forum.
Once you install FFMpeg, you will need to tell Twilight Render where to find it. You will be asked to locate it when you choose the FFMpeg tool. Twilight Render should remember the location after that.
You will need to browse to FFMPEG location like this: (example of Windows 10 operating system)
"C:\Program Files\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe"
Now for a little legal disclaimer. FFMpeg incorporates a very large array of encoders, decoders, filters, etc. Some of those elements have strict license terms. So let us make this clear: Twilight Render does not distribute, license, sell, or integrate FFMpeg in any way. The user is wholly responsible for compliance to any license terms included in FFMpeg. Twilight Render has no responsibility of any kind for using FFMpeg.


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