Proxy Objects and Components in Twilight V2

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Proxy Objects and Components in Twilight V2

Post by Fletch » Sun Dec 01, 2019 3:46 pm

How Proxies Work in Twilight Render V2

In SketchUp, insert any model or component, or create your own component. Select your object if it's not yet a component and convert it to be a component inside of your scene. When proxy objects are placed for that component in the scene Twilight will render the "real" component in its place. You can see an example of this by looking at the toy sail boats on the water in the "section cuts" video tutorial.
  1. Set up the object/component with Twilight Template materials and make sure you are happy with how it is rendering.
  2. When satisfied, right-click the component you wish to become a "proxy" and choose one of the following:
    1. Twilight V2>Proxy Tool.
      It will leave the component you selected as it is, and it will convert your cursor into a bounding box with an insertion point similar to the original component. Now click around your scene to place the proxy around.
    2. Twilight V2>Convert To Proxy
      It will convert the component you have selected to be the proxy object, your component is still "remembered" by SU as being in the scene at that location, but in SU you will see the proxy object instead. Red/Green/Blue planes of course useful for helping you orient the proxies as you are placing them.
    3. Twilight V2>Set External Proxy
      It will open a file browser and allow you to choose a .xml file. or a zipped Kerkythea scene file. It is expecting you to browse to an object you prepared using Kerkythea Studio.
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