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Fingerprints on Glass

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2022 11:25 am
by Fletch
Chair Loft-SpotLightTest-Reveil_Scene 10.jpg
Chair Loft-SpotLightTest-Reveil_Scene 10.jpg (676.96 KiB) Viewed 1964 times
Download attached images below and Download this .skp scene.

Get 7 great fingerprint textures transparent in .png format here.

Load any spherical treeline sky into the environment before you render. Pro users can use those found for free in the Red Carpet Resources.

Step 1 : create glass window as normal - single pane surface and apply Twilight Render Material template:Architectural Glass - Common.

Step 2 : Import the transparent .png fingerprints/smudges as an IMAGE and do not explode, placing the imported transparent image onto the glass surface.

Step 3 : move the image 1mm or 1/16" away from the surface so that it is not z-fighting with the surface of the glass.

Step 4 : render.

CURVED GLASS SURFACES: (Pro users can download this Whisky Glass Scene for free here.)
WhiskeyGlass_Scene 3.jpg
WhiskeyGlass_Scene 3.jpg (146.49 KiB) Viewed 1956 times
Step 1 : For the whisky glass scene the fingerprint image was inserted for scale and basic position then it was exploded.
Step 2 : Using SketchUp Paint Bucket with ALT key, image texture for fingerprints was selected and loaded into the eye dropper. Then the original image plane was deleted.
Step 3 : select and copy the outer surface of the whiskey glass and scale it up slightly so that it doesn't share 3D space with the glass geometery. It should look like shrink wrap on the exterior of the whisky glass.
Step 4 : paint that new slightly larger "shrink wrap" surface with the fingerprints so that they are just a fraction of a millimeter above the surface of the glass.
Step 5 : delete any unwanted faces from that scaled up whisky glass surface to reduce polys in scene.
Step 6 : render (used easy 10 with denoise in this case)