Mapping Textures on Curved Surfaces

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Mapping Textures on Curved Surfaces

Post by Fletch » Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:53 am

Painting textures onto curved surfaces in SketchUp (technically known as UV texture mapping) is notoriously painful and difficult.
Twilight Render has provided some powerful and super simple tools for dealing with this difficulty.
To see what we have provided in Twilght Render Pro, see this tutorial for Advanced Tools.

That said, there are also some amazingly powerful tools for free for SketchUp graciously provided at
Check out Smustard's SketchUV tools available there for download.
Here's their intro tutorial video as a preview of what's available. Interestingly Twilight Render pro provides a very simple to use "Camera Mapping" projection. While the SketchUV tools provides something similar, yet different. Check it out.

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