Cliffside Retreat

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Re: Cliffside Retreat

Post by posodrac » Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:47 pm

Thanks for the welcome back. Seems like everybody else disappeared while I was gone.
No, we are not!
We, gentlemen, just trying to avoid annoying you with personalized ideas about your work.
In my ideia a projection mapping of a good, cliff/waterfall image would do the trick and extruding geometry from there.
Some vary of the green tone of the vegetation would be more realistic.
I don't like the construction being merged with the rock. Side braces are essential!
Also windows and balcony need some better definition with the building.

Welcome back Spooky. You ask, I provide.

PS: Just kidding, you know that I and Fletch are just trying to extract the best in you!?

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