Twilight only for Sketchup pro and old make now?

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Re: Twilight only for Sketchup pro and old make now?

Post by cryophallion » Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:40 pm

So, I use Sketchup and Twilight for rendering interior design concepts for a few clients - but it is not very many, and it is a side thing to my main business. Let's just say it doesn't really bring in the income to justify the purchase of SU Pro currently.

In one of my other jobs where I do a good amount of CAD, I switched from Autocad LT a number of years ago to Bricscad. Well, they seem to have made a product that is similar to SU in interface, for use in BIM (building information modeling). After having played with it for a very few minutes, it doesn't really have the component library depth of SU (although you can import SU models), although this is to be expected. I am still planning on playing with it a bit more to see if it is something that can bridge the gap for me, but I'm not quite sure yet. I didn't see the ability to add my own materials or many tools for rendering yet, but those may be in the future. It may be of interest to some here though, and it is free:

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