Home made Lights for twilight render v2

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Home made Lights for twilight render v2

Post by Baramcook23 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 7:39 am

I have attempted to ask how to make my own lights that will work with twilight render v2 only to be told that they are disinterested in telling me how to do so.

I have never experienced this sort of problem before and would like to know if it is unreasonable of me to want to make my own lights. I can make the units fine but when it comes to making them suitable for renders with twilight render v2 I hit a brick wall and the thread is closed.

Is this some kind of secrecy issue where they think I am out to steal copywrite or something of is this just another case of them not understanding a simple request and we are all just getting to the point where communication is impossible due to an irrational fear that I will lose them money somehow?

All I want to do is make lights that work in twilight render v2 fcs.

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Re: Home made Lights for twilight render v2

Post by Fletch » Thu Aug 02, 2018 11:47 am

Hi Baramcook23 :welcome:
make my own lights... only to be told that they are disinterested in telling me how to do so
:shock: :?

So glad you came to ask us directly - who in the world is telling you this bad information? :lol:

There's no secrecy, in fact, we have a little starter kit with some lights already made for you here: Look at the "Freebies" topics
(you could just search the forum here yourself for "light components")

Now, we also prepared several very detailed video tutorials specifically on the topic of lighting in Twilight Render.
Please be sure to follow them - they usually include a scene to download - see the links in the video descriptions.

Follow the Video Tutorials link in my signature below.

Finally - Pro users have access to a lot of ready-made lighting components for Twilight Render via the Red Carpet Access. So, when you're ready to buy the Pro version (extremely affordable, worth every penny) be sure to upgrade your forum account here to get all the goodies.


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