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Numlock Num Lock Windows 10 fix

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 11:59 am
by Fletch
numlock is off at startup.
get numbers lock to stay on for windows startup.

This works! It does not require a new powershell startup fix or registry edit.
Very fast and simple fix when Num Lock key is off when you start windows, and you hate that. wrote: This is a very simple yet unintuitive fix. I've had to fix this many times over the years. You do not need to edit the registry or play with the BIOS or any of that.

1) At the login screen press NumLock and make sure it is on.

2) Do not login

3) Reboot the computer

You should now find that the NumLock is on when they get to the login screen. This should work for all versions of Windows, but I can not vouch for Windows 8.