studio lighting, interior lighting

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studio lighting, interior lighting

Post by 2truk4 » Mon Aug 08, 2016 11:52 pm

I have had much trouble finding any resources for, in general, interior lighting or studio lighting, spherical studio hdr maps, spherical or probe sky maps. where should I look for these? they are apparently not available on this web, but still are used in most of the renderings I have seen here as examples. The resources for the above are they to just to be a given? I should just know?
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Re: studio lighting, interior lighting

Post by Fletch » Tue Aug 09, 2016 10:09 am

The go-to place for tips and tricks is the Tips and Tricks section.

There are 2 master lists of the top tips and tricks -
Most tips and tricks for Twilight Render V1 also work for V2, although the look of the interface may have changed slightly.
Subject: Best Of Tips and Tricks - The Master List - V1.x
Subject: Best Of Tips and Tricks - The Master List - V2.x

The 2 best threads for learning studio lighting in Twilight Render are here:
1 Best thread ever about product shots/studio shots on Twilight's forum. Includes links to HDR and studios and test files, everything.
2 Jewelry and Product Shots - the Right Light a.k.a. "photo studio" "lighting studio"

But don't miss the Freebies section of the forum, where you can find 3 ready-made studio backdrops for SketchUp.
Subject: Studio for product shots

Also see this thread is about Light Temperature and Color

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