Product Rendering of Shelves

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Product Rendering of Shelves

Post by Fletch » Sat Sep 12, 2020 3:56 pm

Here are some shelves I created as a demo for doing product rendering with Twilight Render.

Number 1
important thing with product renderings - accurate models. Build with proper quad modeling technique wherever possible. This can be difficult with Sketchup and takes learning and patience. But the results are the highest quality models and images.

Number 2
quality textures accurately mapped - The wood texture used in this model should have been much better quality. But a very nice custom seamless paint bump was created for the wall. That texture is worth the download alone. Remember to keep your "white" surfaces somewhere at 70% grey - not 100% white - it's impossible to "back down" from 100% white, and makes lighting and exposure post processing difficult, also it creates errors in rendering that slow proper solution.

Number 3
proper lighting - this uses 2 light planes (and is critically dependant on Number 5 below) - (typical) a warm and cool colored light emitting plane.

Number 4
proper camera placement.

Number 5
use Exploration render with very small window for setting proper lighting and exposure - with proper post-process exposure - this post process exposure is set during test rendering phase and depends critically on the light powers. Keep your light power lower and bump up the exposure to get better results. This leaves you room to bump up exposure without blowing out the highlights.

Number 6
proper render setting for final quality - Easy 09 with denoise. further color correction and post-processing in an external image editor may be expected as is true for most professional work in graphic arts.
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