Rendering problem

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Rendering problem

Post by visualsenses » Tue Feb 18, 2020 9:46 pm

Hello I am totally new here, just joined.
I can't find "the correct" button to submit a new post of my own.
Have been looking at "my posts", naturally I haven't gotten any yet, I would like to create one.
But how and where? Sorry to post in this section.
I have installed Tw. Hobby V2 this weekend and am trying it out.
I have NOT rendering experience but in a little in "SKU Visualizer" but whit SKU 2019 it died.
Someone in their SK Forum recommended this Hobby Version and I am glad.

I am getting funny curved shapes in some of my first attempts
There are NO such curves in my scene (like the ball reflection)
I have not set anything like reflections lights etc. and if I understand right
as I just watched a Youtube tutorial, that if my (glass planes have not real volume) and volumes
curved edges etc as explained by
I will have problems. But from there to create shapes that weren't there?
As I haven't had the chance to build my concepts, I mainly work on the "look and volume" of my building concepts
I am 60+ so not a youngest and all self taught beside a certificate in AutoCAD, Revit & SketchUP I did last year over four months.
Thanks for any help
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Re: Rendering problem

Post by Fletch » Wed Feb 19, 2020 1:20 am

Use "Architecture>Common" for your glass in your scene. You are using "realistic" glass. That is only for "Thick" glass. You need "thin" glass.

Be sure you build your models accurately per real world dimensions.

Have you seen our tutorial series 6 essentials to Twilight?

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