Rendering with Always_face_camera component option

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Tomasz Drgas
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Rendering with Always_face_camera component option

Post by Tomasz Drgas » Fri Jul 24, 2020 4:36 am

Rendering with Always_face_camera component option enabled cause strange behavior when component is inside other component or group with option disabled.
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it is like it is turned for shadow to face the sun (?).. but maybe it is just coincidental .. Strangly if I flip along red or green axis it works fine..
skp file attached not sure if I have to place it in line to send it..?
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PS.. My first post so I submitted two a bit earlier.. not sure if I can remove them..
Tomasz Drgas wrote: Fri Jul 24, 2020 3:08 am Rendering with Always_face_camera component option enabled causes sometimes components to be rotated to sun position..? I guess.. I was thinking it is because of shadows_face_sun option but I disabled this option for all components and still it does with some components... I didn't really find the rule to it but it is obviously visable only with sun from side.. (not behind camera). Problem seems to be caused when component is inside of other component with different options set.. (I think so sinse when I set them all to true it seems to work fine)

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Re: Rendering with Always_face_camera component option

Post by Fletch » Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:38 am

It could be something of a bug in SketchUp with how it is reporting geometry to Twilight Render, or it could be one of several other issues.
We will take a look.

We suggest that (if they are rendering correctly this way for you) all face-me components be placed only directly into the scene, and not nested inside of other groups or components.

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Re: Rendering with Always_face_camera component option

Post by Chris » Fri Jul 24, 2020 2:36 pm

Components are treated as a single object with multiple copies. Every copy must be identical. Many render and graphics engines support this idea and it is typically referred to as "Instancing" (multiple instances of the same exact thing).

SketchUp's Component Instances sort of blur the line here. It support instances but does allow them to have variation in default material (which TWR does support). They can also contain face-me components which cause a bit of a problem; when you have a face-me component inside a component instance, you have geometry that changes based on where the component is. Each copy, then, isn't really identical (at least not at the vertex level).

The reason you are seeing weird results, I think, is because TWR is creating one geometry object (the Component Definition) and then instancing exact copies of that definition. How the face-me component is oriented in that original definition is probably somewhat undefined, but what is defined is that all copies will have the face-me component in the same relative orientation.

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