Twilight V2.14.1 FBX imported trees

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Twilight V2.14.1 FBX imported trees

Post by Fletch » Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:50 pm

Now you may import your FBX trees (obj and 3ds as well) to SketchUp with Twilight Pro.
Subject: Twilight Render V2.14.1
Chris wrote: Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:31 pm Twilight Render V2.14!

Announcing the release of Twilight Render V 2.14. This is a major feature update for all Twilight Render Pro users with new model importers and external proxy capabilities!
External Proxies and Geometry Importers
We've added importers to support .3DS, .OBJ, Kerkythea XML, and FBX models! Models can be implemented fully into SketchUp as geometry (complete with materials!) or they can be linked as External Proxies for faster loading and reduced memory.

We have a tutorial on the basics of importers and external proxies here: ... rs-proxies
IMPORTANT: Make sure your texture material files are in the same location as the .FBX, .OBJ or .3DS model to be sure that Twilight will find them and import them properly.

Then you can use the Twilight Render Proxy Tool to place simple proxy components around the model, rescale and rotate those simple proxy components in the scene.
Twilight will render them as the full geometry of the imported FBX model.
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