How to make a frosted light bulb?

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How to make a frosted light bulb?

Post by Fletch » Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:09 pm

See free attached scene for Twilight Render frosted bare light bulb.
  1. To get a frosted bare bulb, put a small point light (1cm radius) inside of the bulb model of 2cm radius or bigger and set the power to 40-60 watts (840 Lumens).
  2. Then paint the glass of the bulb with a color that matches the color of the frosted bulb color you want call it "light bulb glass"
  3. Then apply the Twilight Material Template called "Lamp Glass>Gloss" or "Lamp Glass>Matte" to your "light bulb glass" material - the glossy one will give reflections on the surface even when the light itself is turned off. This assumes that the light bulb you have made does not have a thickness, but is a "thin shell" type of model.
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