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Twilight Render V2.7!

Announcing the release of Twilight Render V 2.7.  This is an update to support the release of SketchUp 2017 as well as a variety of bug fixes and minor improvements.

SketchUp 2017


With the release of SketchUp 2017, we have made Twilight Render compatible with some big changes.  Along with an update to the Ruby scripting library, SU2017 brings big changes to the 3D graphics pipeline used in the main SU view.  We've updated our tools to be compatible with these changes.


Updates and Bug Fixes


In addition, we have made improvements to simplify our license activation, we fixed bugs with certain IES lighting files, and fixed some big bugs in our material editing.



Make sure to read the complete release notes on our forum.

You can find the latest installers here.


*Preview image by, and special thanks to, Alvydas.

Monday, June 25, 2018

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