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So what about Twilight Render Version 1? 

Can I continue to buy it?  What if I need a new license?  What about my existing SketchUp scenes?


Let's take the time to answer the common questions about migration from version 1 to version 2 of Twilight Render.


Will my Twilight Render V1 scenes work in Twilight Render V2?

Yes, they will work.  However, the way data is stored in your SketchUp scene by Twilight Render has changed.  It will need to be converted.


How do I convert my Twilight Render V1 scenes to Twilight Render V2?

The conversion process from V1 to V2 is done automatically for you when you open your SketchUp scene.  A popup will ask you if you want to convert your scene to Twilight Render V2.  If you want to convert the V1 settings to V2, click Yes.

Once you open a SketchUp scene with V2 installed, if you save that scene, you will not be automatically prompted to convert that scene to V2 again.  However, you can always, at any time, convert the V1 data in a scene to V2 by clicking on the Plugins Menu, selecting Twilight V2 -> ReConvert 1.x to 2.x.  Your V1 data will be converted to V2. It's important to remember though, that any V2 settings you have made to your scene up to that point will get overwritten!


Will my Twilight Render V1 license work for Twilight Render V2?

No, Twilight Render V2 is a completely new product line.  Your V1 license does not give you access to V2.  You can purchase a license for Version 2 from our online store.


Can I buy a license for Twilight Render V1?

Under normal circumstances, we will not sell any new licenses for Twilight Render V1.  Since Twilight Render V2 is the same price as V1, this shouldn't be a problem for anyone!

If you are a business or institution that has already purchased multiple Twilight Render V1 licenses and need to add additional licenses, we will support that and sell you new V1 licenses.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


I have a license for Twilight Render V1 but need to reactivate my license because of a change in my operating system or moving to a new computer.  Can I get a new license?

Absolutely!  We will continue to support Twilight Render V1 licenses in the same manner as always.


Where are the Twilight Render V1 installers?

Right here.  For users who need to reinstall Twilight Render V1 on a new machine or business with multiple license of Twilight Render V1, you can download the installers as well as the user manual for V1.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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