Terrain Tools for Twilight Render, Available Now!

With the release of Twilight Render V2.8, we are expanding our AddOn feature set with a set of Terrain Tools.  This AddOn allows you to create custom landscapes, edit Location Snapshots, and create awesome terrain textures to make the perfect setting for your models and designs.


The Terrain Tools AddOn for Twilight Render V2


You've finally finished the modeling for your new architectural design, and you find yourself wondering, "How do I showcase this?"  You search the 3D Warehouse for a nice setting, but without much luck.  Adding a geo-Location Snapshot might work but you can't edit it (and the texture quality isn't all that great).  Finding ourselves in that same position, we decided to create an AddOn toolset for creating and editing terrains, as well as creating procedural terrain textures (that means custom textures that map the height and slope of your terrain)!


Not only can you create unique terrains from scratch using one of our procedural functions, you can import a gray scale heightmap of realworld terrain or even edit the terrain from your geo-Location Snapshot!  With a set of useful tools like Raise/Lower, Smooth, and Level, you can modify your terrain to bring in roadways or represent excavations for your site development.  And when you are done editing your terrain, you can use our procedural texture editor to create a custom texture that maps perfectly to the height and slope of your terrain.


ExampleAThumb ExampleBThumb ExampleCThumb
ExampleDThumb ExampleEThumb HeightmapAThumb

Click on the thumbs above to see the full size image.


Our editing tools work as "brushes" that you can use to paint changes onto the terrain.  As you brush over your landscape you can raise or lower the terrain, or level it to a preset height.  And you can control the size and strength of the brush.  The terrain updates as you work.  And it works on SketchUp's built-in geo-Location Snapshots as well!


ConvertThumb EditToolsThumb


And of course the results are fully renderable!

You can preview the features of the Terrain Tool AddOn by going through our tutorial here.




Visit our webstore to purchase your license for the Terrain Tools.

How AddOns Work


AddOns is a new feature for Twilight Render, starting with V2.7, that allows you to purchase specialized tools from the Twilight Render webstore and activate them in your copy of Twilight Render Pro.  Rather than package these new high-end tools directly with Twilight Render Pro at a higher cost, we allow users to choose what tools are useful for them.


Each AddOn is licensed in the same way that Twilight Render Pro is, so users will be comfortable with the experience.  And it uses the same license terms as Twilight Render Pro, so you can activate your purchased AddOn on each of your personally licensed installations of Twilight Render Pro.


A license for Twilight Render V2 Pro is required to activate an AddOn.  AddOns are not available for Twilight Render Hobby or any unactivated installation of V2 Pro.  Some AddOns may require upgrading to a certain version of Twilight Render V2 (which is always free!).


Wednesday, February 21, 2024

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